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How to create a Top Quality design for Mug Printing

Published on: 2017-05-28

Mug printing is becoming popular these days. You can easily get a printed mug with  your picture on it, in just 10 minutes. Let me show you how you can create a Top quality mug design using www.ApnaMug.com 

First, create an account on www.ApnaMug.com  . Then visit our online mug designing  applicaiton which is www.apnamug.com/customizemug . Our Website is mobile friendly but for mug designing we recommend "laptops or desktops". 

If you are using a computer , then you can see there are 2 Layout options.

  1. Full Layout
  2. Face Layout

Full Layout is very useful if you want to design on Whole Mug , especially on curve. This option is not avilable for mobile users. Where as Face Layout shows you Two seprate face of Mugs i.e. Front & Back

You can upload your own pictures by clicking on "Art" tab , left side of page. This allows you to either upload your own picture or use some of the pictures we provide. Make sure if you are uploading your own picture, then recommended Image dimension is 300px X 300px. If you re planning to use Full Layout , and want to upload picture on full mug, then recommend dimension is 835px X 350px

Similarly, you can add "Text" on your Design by just clicking on 'Add text' button. Once Text added you can always edit it, by selecting your text on design and visit "Text Tab" on left.

you can always "Preview" your design before saving it, in order to save you need to press 'Finish design' button.

hope, this will help you, for any queries or questions, contact us : [email protected]


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